Quick Connect Tap Off Box

The PowerWave 2 Tap Off Box units have been designed to make installation simple, fast, and safe. ThePowerWave 2 Tap Off Box does not require the use of any tools near live bus rails to make installation complete. The mast of the Tap Off Box units slide into the continuous open channel of the busrails and automatically lock the unit into place. During this operation ground connection is made, then the Engagement Mechanism is actuated to make the power connection in a two-step, ground first installation procedure. The Tap Off Box is only removable after the power has been disconnected and unlatch lock push buttons are depressed. Learn more athttps://www.pdicorp.com/products/distribute/powerwave-2-busway-system/

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The PowerWave 2 Busway System Quick Connect Tap Off Box units can fit any size busrail in the product line giving customers unlimited use of where the Quick Connect Tap Off Box units may be installed.